Sequence Collection of El Salvador

i0v1d7SKTuAVEThis week, I am excited to feature Ariela Suster who has created an amazing company named Sequence Collection. Based on the ambiance and history of her home country of El Salvador, Ariela mixes the culture of her beautiful homeland with the textiles and colors of today. Sequence was founded on the principle of crafting one of kind handmade pieces that have a true history and meaning.

Her eclectic mix of handbags, bracelets, necklaces and clutches are the perfect pairing to your summer maxi dress while lounging on Lincoln Road. There is such an excitement that surrounds owning a piece that you know has an amazing backstory….a piece that was made with love, and with purpose. Sequence Collection does just that! I discovered her in the Summer 2012 issue of ELLE Magazine (clip below), and was intrigued by her story.img_press6182012d

You can also follow her on Twitter @SequenceCollect. Her designs are also available exclusively at Latitude. Just viewing her look book makes me feel the tropical, warm breezes of El Salvador!  Bienvenidos!

The Sequence blog “Documents their journey and travels to creating not only a collection of handcrafted products, but to documenting the path to bringing light, love and change to El Salvador and the world.” For more information on Ariela Suster and to purchase her designs, please visit her website at

Designer of the Week | Sequence Collection

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