6 Shore Road Swim Week Recap

Photo Credit: Bob Quesada

Hi Friends! Hope you are having a terrific week so far! I have finally recovered from the Swim Week festivities and am excited to share a few recaps from some of the shows & events I attended.

First and foremost, I must share my FAVORITE, 6 Shore Road. This was my 4th year attending Swim Week and my fourth year attending 6 Shore Road. I am always honored to be invited to Pooja’s show and do anything I can to support her brand (including spending my hard-earned money, ha-ha!). Like many designers this year, Pooja decided to opt-out of doing a big runway show in the tents, and went for an intimate presentation at the stunning Faena Hotel in South Beach.

I’d like one of each, please!

6 Shore Road partnered with Jose Cuervo to provide refreshing cocktails from their new ready to drink flavored margarita collection and the Faena served amazing apps that were the perfect treat for a sweltering summer evening under the stars.  These delicious cocktails come in six flavors and I tried the coconut-pineapple, which was like drinking summer in a glass! Served on ice with a fresh garnish it definitely hit the spot!

I always adore her floral prints and strong color palettes, and this year was no exception. I loved it all of course, but I think I was most in love with Pooja’s outfit! How cute did she look?! If you want to check out what’s on sale now, check out 6 Shore Road’s website here. All Photos Credited to: Bob Quesada. I’ve got a few more recaps coming, so stay tuned. Have a great day everyone! ~xo, J~

“From Resort Wear To Ready To Wear, From Am To Pm, From Beach To Bar…Meet Me There

6 Shore Road Designer Pooja Kharbanda


This skirt is gorgeous!


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