Highlighters and Luminizers

I’ve never really been in to highlighters, but now that the holidays are over & my fabulous dark JLo tan has faded into a light bronze, I’ve been playing around with self tanners and highlighters more than ever. Below are a few highlighters that I found on Polyvore that sounded fun! I tried the NYX one and it was a little too shimmery/shiny for my taste, but I absolutely loved the Laura Geller one! Previously, I had only tried her makeup primer, so I wasn’t sure how her powders would go on. The baked highlighters was perfect for just a little daytime/work appropriate highlighting and with a heavier hand, it was awesome for evening. It almost gives you a candle-lit glow!

Would love to hear about any highlighters that you are loving…. Have a great week loves and I hope everyone’s new year is off to a great start! ~xo, love~


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