Swim Week Nostalgia

Hello label avenue friends! Long time no see! I am back from a few weeks in Europe and trying (and failing miserably) to get back on Miami Beach time. I am back in time for what used to be my favorite week in the summer ~ swim week!

I definitely miss the good ole days of Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week Swim, when we would just set up camp all weekend at The Raleigh Hotel and go back and forth from the Cabana Grande and Oasis tents to see the latest trends in swim & resortwear. Names like 6 Shore Road and Mara Hoffman were always so thrilling to see in person! After a few different iterations of Swim Week, Paraiso Miami Beach has taken the reins and spearheaded what looks to be a great lineup this weekend. From Beach Bunny and Acacia to Monday Swimwear and Luli Fama, it will definitely be a steamy weekend on South Beach. Some fashion shows are still invitation only, but they started selling tickets to some events and parties to generate the buzz that may have faded during the pandemic. You can read more about all the festivities this weekend on the Paraiso Miami Beach website here.

Between the jet lag and unpacking, I think I am only going to attend two shows this weekend, because I definitely missed not attending in 2020 and 2021, but hopefully we can stay hydrated, stay fashionable and have a wonderful weekend. See you in the tents! The memories of Aguaclara and 6 Shore Road below are making me nostalgic….and making me want an aperol spritz so I can pretend I am back in Europe. Happy hour time, ta ta fashion friends! XO, J

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