Auburn Jewelry

Auburn Owner Samantha Levine
Auburn Owner Samantha Levine

I recently chatted with the lovely Samantha Levine, founder & designer of Auburn Jewelry. Based in New York, Auburn Jewelry offers hand-crafted pieces that include monogrammed necklaces, earrings, key chains and more. Utilizing metals, 14K gold, sterling silver and colored enamel, each piece is a hand-crafted & unique wearable work of art.  In addition, they offer custom designs which make great gifts for that hard to shop for person that we all know. Auburn Jewelry has also teamed up with the SPCA of Westchester to donate a percentage of their proceeds from all dog bone and fish pendants sold to the SPCA. I always love a company that does #SocialGood!

Samantha began her love affair with precious metals after studying jewelry design & precious metals in college, creating Auburn Jewelry in 2001. She built upon that love after completing law school in 2009, creating her “Elle Collection.”  I spoke with Samantha to see what drives her passion for creating these pieces.

1. What inspires you most as a jewelry designer?

SL: “I’m inspired first and foremost by my friends. They know what they like to wear as well as what is trendy and ‘in’… I see the jewelry they wear and think about how I could modify the design to fit my business and my personality. My ‘Elle’ by Auburn Collection was inspired by my friend Giselle; when I asked her what she thought I should make for my next line of jewelry, she exclaimed, “add color!” I listened and developed our pendants which come in twelve colors and can be customized with initials as well as other shapes.”

2. Which pieces are you selling the most of in stores and online?

SL: “Our “Elle” by Auburn collection is our most popular line. We make earrings – both studs and hanging, cufflinks, key chains and pendants. They started out as solely initial pendants, but we’ve expanded and have put everything from a horse head silhouette to a sterling starfish in them. Customers can request almost any silhouette to be put in a pendant. I make all the jewelry by hand, any shape that I am able to cut out with my jeweler’s saw can be put inside one of our pendants.”

3. What social media outlets can we find you on?transparent-logo-new

SL: “We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – please ‘like’ and follow us to see new pieces!”

4.   Auburn is such a pretty name. What is the meaning behind it?

SL: “I always get asked, “Why Auburn?” Auburn is my middle name. I was named after the Auburn Mall in Auburn, Massachusetts. I blame my parents for my love of shopping – naming me after a mall, what did they expect to happen?”

Click here to view their entire line and here for where to buy. Auburn jewelry is sold at several boutiques throughout New York state and on her website.

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