You’re Making Me Blush

One of my favorite beauty products for Spring & Summer is creme/gel blush. It gets so hot here in Miami Beach that sometimes this is all you can bare to wear on top of your sunscreen or tinted moisturizer. Today I’m excited to share a few of my favorites sure to please any skin tone and any budget!

First up, the CVS/Walgreen’s/Rite Aid brands that we love so much and can scoop up several at a time because most are under $10.00! This new Wet ‘N’ Wild Megaglo Makeup Blush Stick is awesome! At $3.99 each, you can try all 3. It comes in a light pink, a peach, and a darker mauve-ish pink. I also like on their website when they show the swatches on different skin tones. They have really stepped up their drugstore game as of late, and I highly recommend this product! It goes on smooth, not streaky, and dries to a beautiful semi-matte glow.

Up next in the wallet-friendly category is NYX’s creme blush. This comes in a small compact pot with a clear lid, and is tad on the wet side (if that makes sense).  A little definitely goes a long way, as the colors are very pigmented. They are usually around $6 at my CVS and I like to pick up the Rose Petal one because it gives just the perfect amount of glow, as if you’ve been in the sun all afternoon.

Now on to the department store splurges. Clarins has a really nice creme blush that comes in a charming little gold compact. It features a blend of rose, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower waxes to moisturize and protect your skin from dehydration and vitamin E to guard against free-radical damage. Oh, and it smells amazing..kind of like rose petals. It retails around $30.00 at Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Of course, I would be remiss without mentioning NARS the Multiple aka the holy grail of multi-purpose, cannot live without it, creme, all in one magic stick. (Now that’s definitely not on the marketing materials, now is it, lol?) I remember when this product was around $32 and now it costs $39.  South Beach, Hot Sand & St. Lucia (Pictured) are my favs and there is a peach one that I used to love but think they discontinued. It really is amazing & worth every penny, especially since it will last you a long time and the colors are outstanding. Definitely summer splurge worthy!

Has anyone ever tried the YSL “Voile De Blush” Gel Blush? I have always wanted to but they sold out so quickly, that I couldn’t get my hands on one! There really are so many brands that have gel & creme blushes in different containers & consistencies, it’s just a matter of finding the right one for your skin tone. E.L.F, Revlon, Benefit and ULTA all have great products in this category, so have fun & treat yourself to some new blush for Spring…your cheeks will thank you!

Have a terrific week friends! ~xo, J~




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