Colour Pop Cosmetics Review

If you haven’t seen or been part of the media blitz surrounding Colour Pop Cosmetics, I urge you to immediately check out their website after reading this!

Back in March, I was sent a box of 5 of their shadows and one of their signature “lippie stix.” The colors were mostly very dark grays, blues and things that I wouldn’t normally wear (certainly not to the office) and the lipstick I was sent was a bright fuschia- very Barbie pink and another color I wouldn’t wear on a daily basis. However, the smooth, creamy consistency of the lipstick caught my attention and I started perusing their website. I placed my first order in April, then a second then a third. After testing out the products for  a while I wanted to share some thoughts. *Photos courtesy of Colour Pop*


  • The Price. Most items are $5, $6 or $8
  • Pigmentation of the eye shadows and lippie stix are amazing
  • Most lippie sticks have a 100% matching lipliner, which I love
  • Their social media interaction with customers is great & they are pretty active on both Twitter & IG
  • Join their mailing list and receive a $5.00 coupon towards your first order


  • The company takes 3-5 days to process your order then another 3-5 days to ship. So be patient and wait around 10 days to receive your order.
  • A few people have been complaining about the smell of the lippie stix, but it does not bother me whatsoever.
  • I found that even with a lip liner underneath, the lippie stix are not very long lasting. I found myself reapplying several times throughout the day.
  • I am not totally crazy about the screw off tops for the blush, eye shadows and bronzers, I prefer a compact style (at least for the cheek products). I feel it gives you a cleaner look and you don’t see when the product starts to wear down.


I also ordered two pieces from their “Rumer Has It” collection, created in correlation with Rumer Willis and some of the looks she wore on “Dancing With The Stars.” I bought her “Pinch” and “Addict” Lippie Stix & her “Intoxicate” eyeshadow, both of which I absolutely love. As you can see from the photos below of what I purchased, I tend to go for the nude and nude/pink colors and I love all the ones I have purchased thus far. My next purchase is going to be a couple of their blushes and bronzers….can’t wait to try them as well!

I definitely recommend this brand because the products are great to mix with whatever you already are using and the range of colors is truly a rainbow of options! Enjoy the rest of your week! ~xo, love~

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5 thoughts on “Colour Pop Cosmetics Review

  1. I have been on the fence about Pinch and Addict since they launched. I tend to stay close to nudes and pinky mauves, that’s why your post caught me eye and I think after reading your review I’m gonna just go for it. Thanks!

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