Italian Luxury For Your Skin

1043554cc40a64d3d5d30a232fa320cfI always love trying new skin care products and was excited to learn more about Skin & Co ROMA, an Italian skin care line, with a home office in NYC. Traditionally anything with the word “truffle” in it is going to be amazing, so I was quite intrigued when I saw their “Truffle Infused Therapy Serum.” I had the opportunity to try several of their products and interview their CEO last week and got a fabulous insight into this brand. It is a new must-have collection for my skin & body care regimen!

The orange Ultra Conditioning Shower Gel with Organic Sicilian Orange & Olive Extracts was fabulous to shower with after  a long day in the sun at my pool, followed by the lotion of the same scent. Both products were light, refreshing, super moisturizing and the smell made me feel like I was luxuriating in an exotic spa in Bali. I also used their Sicilian Skin Serum for 7 days and 7 nights, and I must say, I woke up each morning with dewy, hydrated skin. I also used it under my makeup which glided on smooth and velvety with each application. The light smell was very aromatic & the chic frosted genie-esque bottle was a lovely addition to my vanity.

This brand has an amazing back story and I truly enjoyed learning more about them. Check out my interview below with CEO, Gabriel Balestra, and connect with them on social media to stay in the know on all their latest products & promotions! Ciao! ~xo~

How did you get started in the skin care industry?

In 1953, my grandmother Giuseppina Balestra introduced her own beloved blend of botanical oils with Truffles based on traditional italian recipes to her store in Rome. During Hollywood’s glamorous “Dolce Vita Years”, acclaimed stars filing in Rome would flock to her store o try these high-end formulations, and fell in love with the luxurious feel, enticing smell and miraculous results. Nearly 60 years later, Grandson Gabriel Balestra worked with one of Italy’s Oldest Universities to bring his grandmothers formulas into the modern era. Scientist confirmed Gabriel’s grandmother and her star-studded clientele were right. The natural seasonal ingredients incorporated in her formulas proved to be anti-oxidant and anti-aging powerhouses.

What product (s) are your top sellers and why?

Our Sicilian Light Collection & Truffle Therapy Collections have been our best sellers. We have partnered with Birchbox since the launch of SKIN&CO and the feedback has always been positive. The natural ingredients, luxurious feel and smell keep smiles on our satisfied customers.

Are the products available in boutiques as well as online?

In New York we have a counter at Henri Bendel & Los Angeles at Fred Segal – Santa Monica. You can also purchase online through,,, QVC and with many more outlets to be officially announced in the coming months.

If I’m jet-setting on vacation this summer, what products of yours do I need to pack?

You can’t leave on a vacation without the essentials: A face serum, I recommend our Sicilian Light Serum. Also a body lotion! I always take a travel size lotion on the plane with me. Being in the air for 10+ hours at a time really dries out your skin and having a travel size lotion handy really makes a difference.

Is there anything else you would like to add for my readers? (Current promotions, upcoming sales, Mother’s Day gifts?)

Use code “loveandlabels” at checkout for 20% off your order and all orders over $49 ship FREE via FedEx.

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