Dior Beauty Disaster

I haven’t posted on here in forever because life, but I had to share this recent experience with Dior Beauty because I had no idea their customer service was so poor. I had seen many posts and ads about the Dior backstage powder, and when I purchased it online from Dior Beauty and absolutely loved it, I just had to try the foundation as well.

(Top photo cred: Dior Beauty) I received the package on Tuesday, October 26th. The UPS box was in perfect condition, as was the white Dior box. As soon as I opened the Dior box, I could see some foundation on the interior of the white box, and I knew this wouldn’t be pretty. As you can see from the photos below, the actual bottle somehow exploded or leaked inside the silver foundation bottle box. I immediately took photos of everything and called Dior customer service.

The woman told me to take photos (which I had already done) and respond to the email she would send me with the photos. I did that instantly, and didn’t hear anything from them whatsoever. I tried to call again Friday, October 29th but couldn’t get through and hung up. On Monday, November 1st, I called again and finally got through to someone. I politely explained I was following up since no one had gotten back to me, and this person told me that it would have to go to a UPS investigation….why??? The problem is clearly not UPS, the problem is with the Dior bottle which exploded in the small silver box. Obviously something happened in quality control that caused the bottle to leak/explode.

This is an awful lot of hassle for $40.00 and at this point I don’t care anymore & will definitely never order from their website again because this entire process is completely ridiculous. Then she had the audacity to tell me to hang onto all the boxes/packaging?! Perhaps someone should have told me that last Tuesday when I first called. It was a complete mess, and they want me to just keep it lying around on my kitchen counter? 🙂

As of today, November 4th, I have still not heard anything back from Dior Beauty. Needless to say, this is my final purchase from their website. They should have immediately credited me or shipped a new bottle. For a brand of this caliber, I expected a lot more. I wonder if anyone else has had an experience like this with Dior? I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the holidays! ~xo, J~

Update: As of November 10th, still no response from their customer service, so I sent them one final email and then contacted my bank to file a claim to get my money back. Unbelievable.

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