Love Each Other by Auburn Jewelry


Happy Friday friends! I hope everyone is having a terrific week! I always get excited when one of my favorite  brands comes out with something new, so I was especially happy when an old friend, Samantha Levine, founder & creator of Auburn Jewelry, contacted me about her latest collection.

Samantha makes each piece in her own studio, with her own hands, but most importantly, she makes them with love.

Founder Samantha Levine
Founder Samantha Levine

In light of recent events Auburn Jewelry created the “Love Each Other” line. A Collection of pendants that are perfect to remind those around you how important it is to love each other. The “Love Each Other” pieces make perfect gifts to remind your family and friends that you love them and they are perfect to wear as a symbol of love and peace for others to see. They’re available in sterling silver and 14K gold in the colors of the rainbow.

And in a beautiful twist of fashion meets philanthropy, they’re going one step further – letting their customers decide which non-violent, peace-spreading, charity they’d like to donate a portion of the proceeds to from their purchase. They really want these to not only be custom as far as the color and metal, but as to the meaning behind each one. How beautiful is that?

Auburn Jewelry also has a bridal collection, logo jewelry, initial pieces, and even a pet inspired line that gives back to the SPCA of Westchester, called Pawburn by Auburn. In addition, great gift ideas for the stylish man in your life include cuff links and tie tacks. There really is something for everyone in your life, and Samantha is so sweet & talented, you will definitely fall in love with her brand. It’s Friday, so why not treat yourself and treat someone you love with some Auburn Jewelry! 🙂

Check out some of the pieces from her collection below and be sure to visit Samantha’s website here and follow her on social media to keep up with all her latest creations! Have a terrific weekend everyone! ~xo, J~


Pretty as a rainbow!



love eachother square





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