Latest Obsession: BOE Magazine

logo-footNormally I am the one writing reviews and interviewing people & brands for my site, but this week the tables have turned! I was honored and humbled when Rupa Ganatra, the Founder of BOE Magazine, emailed me asking to feature little ‘ole me on their brand new, gorgeous website. BOE Magazine is the latest and greatest in luxury online magazines. Founded in May 2013, BOE Magazine stands for Business Of Everything, and shortly after discovering them online, I had fallen in love with their chic site design and amazing articles featuring luxury from all over the globe.

When they say luxury……they mean it! They cover everything from the world’s hottest rooftop lounges and 5 star hotels in Morocco, to profiles on the world’s top chefs & designers. From the founder Rupa, “BOE is an online magazine focusing on fashion, luxury travel, beauty, brands and inspiring entrepreneurs. We believe it is our business to be interested in everything, and that this itself lends us our uniqueness. Our globally-based team of editors and writers are at the helm of the BOE, covering empowering, exciting and inspiring stories from around the world.”

Photo Credit: BOE Magazine

Just a few of their awesome articles include:
1. The World’s Top Rooftop Lounges
2. Vintage Summer Eyewear
3. Ultimate Spa Experiences in Dubai

You can also follow their luxurious explorations on social media, so take a look and if you are perusing their site, you can also read my interview here.

Happy Weekend ~ xo

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