My Love Affair With Mi-Me


I recently connected with a new brand on Twitter & it was an instant love affair!
Mi-Me is a Miami & Memphis based beauty brand that prides itself on nothing but the finest natural ingredients including grapeseed oil, hazlenut, coconut, jojoba and rosehip, just to name a few.

beautifiying-hair-serumwebI had the pleasure of trying 5 of their products, and am definitely hooked. As someone with very long, thick hair, the Beautifying Hair Serum is by far my favorite item. With the amazing all-natural ingredients of hazlenut, argan oil, Vitamin E, almond oil and more, it smells a bit like jasmine and does not feel greasy or heavy like some hair serums tend to. Just a few drops gave the ends of my hair an amazing shine, and smelled simply delicious all through my work day. At $45.00 for 1.0 oz. it is well worth every penny.

As a beach girl, I was very excited to try their Tahitian Vanilla Salt Scrub. It left my skin soft, smooth & supple, and truly smells like a day on South Beach. What’s even better is that almost all of the items are available in full size, or the 2 oz. travel size for only $7.00. These are perfect for the jet setter as they will fit easily in your carry-on luggage.

i-heart-mi-me-copyI love hydrating my lips while I sleep, and I have been using the Tangerine Hydrating Lip Butter each night before bed.  My lips instantly felt softer after just a few days using the product, and I feel that my daily lip routine of lipstick & gloss is going on much smoother & staying put much longer! Check out the photo gallery below to view some of the items that I have sampled.

For more information on this great brand, please visit them on the web at & be sure to show them your love on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. Trust me, you will love Mi-Me as much as I love Mi-Me!


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