Hot Brand Alert- Danyel Clothing


Danyel Clothing 

“A Clothing Line and a Lifestyle”

These days it seems the fashion industry is inundated with a new clothing line, jewelry collection or bevy of bags for us to pine over. In a world with so many companies who try to make money off of pre-existing brands & no originality of their own, it is so refreshing to see a new line appear in our realm with an artistic creativity that I haven’t seen in quite some time. Danyel Clothing was launched in September 2012 by Miami born and bred graphic designer Eddy Miranda. Miranda takes his vast design skills to the cloth, literally, with his collection of prints that both men and women can go gaga over.

According to their website: “Danyel Clothing is a take on a vintage and timeless lifestyle. Rolling down the boardwalk on your longboard with a group of friends. Driving in your VW van to the beach for a fun day in the sun.”  I couldn’t agree more! With its soft lines and simple use of color, these graphic tees and tanks could take you to an afternoon with board shorts and Havaianas on Lincoln Road to Wynwood Art Walk with trendy jeans & a dark blazer.

What I love most about the collection, is that it truly is unisex. Both men and women can mix and match these prints with anything in their pre-existing wardrobe and be comfy & chic at the same time (which as we all know, is at times a hard thing to do). At price points of $25-$35, you can be fashionable without breaking the bank, which is certainly another bonus. I just love the eccentricity of the artwork, and can visualize them on everything from cuffs to scarves. For more information on Danyel Clothing, please visit them on the web at, follow them on Twitter @_DNYL and Pinterest at Danyel Clothing. Look for them in stores all over Miami very soon, this one is here to stay!

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